Haikon Kartanon juhlacava

Ravintolamme suosittelee 50 v. juhlacavaa paitsi juhliin, myös seurustelujuomaksi. Cava soveltuu myös hyvin erityisesti seuraavien ruokien kanssa: cocktail-palat, savustettu kala ja liha, osterit, grillattu kala, sushi ja merenelävät. 

Vinkki! Juhlacavan voi tilata ennakkoon myös hotellihuoneeseen.

Haikon Kartanon juhlatilat

Hoya de Cadenas Cava Brut

A cava for your best moments. Enjoy Hoya de Cadenas Cava Brut as much as your toasts and celebrations as an accompaniment to your romantic meals. Try it with a neutral pallete to taste it's sweetness and it's fine bubbles highlight the flavour of sweet food just as much as seafood and light dishes.

WINE-MAKING PROCESS  Traditional method or “champenoise” method. Once the cuvée has been obtained from a white perfumed variety such as Macabeo with the combination of a full bodied Chardonnay, it is aged in the bottle for a minimum of 12 months. During this time the bottles are kept horizontal, called ‘ageing in stacks’, at a constant temperature of 15ºC, in order to carry out a second fermentation gathering the lees along the length of the bottle.

Country of origin: Spain 
Net Quantity: 750 ml
Colour: White
Type of wine: Brut
Apellation: D.O. Cava
Alcohol Content: 11,5%
Grape Varieties: Chardonnay, Macabeo
Server at: 6 - 8º C

Food pairing: apéritifs, smoked fish and meat, oysters, grilled fish, sushi, seafood

Straw yellow colour, with elegant and persistent bubbles. Clean and fruity aroma with prominent citrus character and an undertone of floral notes. The full bodied Chardonnay offers a magnificent presence on the palate, dry but at the same time fruity, and a lingering aftertaste with very well balanced carbonic gas.