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Haikko as an Employer

Please join our great working community! Excellent customer service and wellbeing at work are our top priorities.

Open Positions at Hotel Haikko Manor & Spa

If there is not a suitable vacancy for right now, please send us an open application and tell us why you would be a good team member for us in the future.

Please send your open application to: reception(at)haikko.fi

Hotel Haikko Manor & Spa as an Employer

Hotel Haikko Manor & Spa (Vuoristo-yhtiöt Oy) in Porvoo is a family-owned company creating great food, pampering spa services, excellent customer service and unforgettable experiences. 

Our business operations include accommodation, meetings, restaurants and spa services. The total accommodation capacity is 400 persons, and the largest conference room has also capacity for 400 persons. There are also a large selection of smaller meeting rooms available.

The Manor building has a choice of dining rooms, lounges and private rooms for totally 400 persons while the seaside Villa Haikko can seat totally 200 persons. Additionally the Bollinger Bar, The Cellar Restaurant & Pub and the Spa Lobby Bar as well as the Spa Bistro & Cafe are providing their services.

Haikko provides a very wide selection of restaurant and catering services: from Conference lunches to presidential level banquet dinners and from spectacular wedding receptions to small, intimate weekends for couples. 

Our Values have Top Priority

Our important values are: 

  • Great customers service
  • Self-management
  • Wellbeing staff and
  • Corporate responsibility

In practise it means, that our guests will be met by attentive service prior, during and after their visits. Our employees can develop and work independently, according to our ground-rules, to achieve our common goals. 

We provide excellent employment benefits, such as wide occupational health care services and possibilities for sports activities.

We have recently carried out a Coaching Leadership Pulse analysis together with BoMentis coaching house and we also have started  a coaching-based leadership training to improve our team leaders' self-management skills.

Each employee at Haikko is an important part of the family enterprise and we value every work input. We are committed to environment-friendly operations and taking care of our community both socially and financially. 

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