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Haikko's Safety Policy and Instructions during Covid-19

We want to act responsively and the safety and wellbeing of our guests and staff is our top priority. We adjust our services to ensure your safe visit at Haikko.

LATEST INFORMATION / updated 15.9.2022

What can you do as guest?

  • Keep an appropriate distance to other guests and staff.
  • Please practice efficient hand hygiene.
  • Stay home if your are sick or have any symptoms.
  • Kindly be punctual regarding your spa, restaurant and other bookings.
  • Please no hand shakes and hugs.


How do we take Care of Your Safe Hotel Experience?

  • The hotel management and staff actively monitor the situation. We follow the guidelines of the health authorities and we are prepared to amend our procedures accordingly.
  • We have made hand sanitizers available in our public areas.
  • We have intensified cleaning procedures 
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Restaurants and Meeting Rooms
  • We follow the current official restrictions regarding the number of persons in our premises. 
  • Breakfast times may be staggered if there are a lot of breakfast guests.
  • Lunch and dinner times are staggered by advance table bookings.
  • If you wish so, our staff will wear face masks. Kindly inform us when booking or latest upon arrival.
  • Private dining rooms are available for groups by request.
  • We offer take away portions in the Spa Bistro & Cafe and you can also order breakfast to your room at an extra charge.
  • Haikko´s large Congress Centre provides spacious rooms for your events.


The Gym and Exercising
  • The number of Spa pools & saunas visitors is limited and the visiting times must be pre-booked. 
  • Spa treatments are available by online pre-booking.
  • Please arrive punctually - if you are late, your Spa visit/treatment time will be shortened respectively.
  • Exercise programmes are arranged so that safety procedures can be followed. Please bring your own exercise mat. In case you borrow Haikko's mat, please kindly clean it after use.
  • Haikko has 14 hectares park and outdoor area for safe exercising and activities. 


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Kuntosalilla Haikko
The Gym Safety Instructions
  • Please change into your training clothes, and take your shower afterwards in your hotel room. For non-residents there is a locker room and showers near the Spa Hotel entrance.
  • Kindly take care of good hand hygiene and wear training gloves if possible. 
  • Clean the Gym equipment after use. 


Please check also out the regional regulations and restrictions. In case you have any further questions, please contact us for assistance. 

Let's Stay Safe and Healthy and See You Soon at Haikko!