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Haikko's Stories

Haikko Manor has a long history and many interesting stories. The maintenance, renovations and repairs of Haikko Manor can be considered as a significant cultural deed. The Manor still remains in private ownership by the Vuoristo family. 

To celebrate Mrs Satu Tiivola's 90th birthday in 2014, Haikko's staff gave her a rosarium located now on the land of the Manor.


Haikko's Stories

Haikko Manor has a long, known history dating back several centuries. Luxurious manor style living was the spirit at the end of the 19th century. For more detailed information on Haikko's enchanting past, please book your private History Presentation or read  Haikko's History here


Headless Knight

One of the most intriguing stories is the ghost story of Duke John of Finland's headless chamberlain. Bengta Hansdotter was the female owner of Haikko Manor in the middle of the 16th century. Her son, Ljungo Larsson, served as chamberlain in Finland's Duke John's court in Turku Castle. 

As Duke of Finland, John opposed his half-brother King Eric XIV of Sweden. Duke John and Ljungo were captured by king Erik XIV  in August 1563. Ljungo was taken to Stockholm where he was sentenced to death and executed in September. 

After these dramatic events a headless knight riding on a white horse towards the Manor has been seen on the old village road nearby. Is it Ljungo Larsson on his way back home to convince his mother of his innocence?


Lindgren piirros Haikon Kartanosta
Haikon Kartanon entinen päärakennus
The Manor is on Fire - Stop

The Manor house was caught on fire on New Year's Eve in 1911. The house with its valuables and properties was completely destroyed. Emelie von Etter used to spend her winters in Cannes where she received a telegram: "the house is on fire stop fredrik". The reply telegram was simple: "call the fire brigades stop".  

Albert Edelfelt

Artist Albert Edelfelt's mother Alexandra rent a summer house on the lands of Haikko Manor. This house became Albert Edelfelt's summer home until the end of his life. He even had a small studio with a skylight built there in 1883. Edelfelt loved Porvoo archipelago and its villagers who, in his mind, represented the very essence of being Finnish. Haikko village with its people and scenery were Edelfelt's great source of inspiration. 

Albert Edelfelt spend totally 26 summers at Haikko and he painted here more than 220 of his famous works, many of them awarded in Paris. 

Albert Edelfelt died in Haikko in 1905. 

Haikon kartanossa 1800
Satu Vuoristo and Lollo Stores

Satu Vuoristo established Lollo stores, specialized in ladies underwear, in 1955. Satu and her husband Leo Vuoristo invented the name during their journey in Rome, after seeing posters with filmstar Gina Lollobrigida. The name was daring in the Finnish language culture but the time were changing, and the Lollo stores became a great success.

Family-Owned Hotel and Restaurant Business

The Vuoristo's hospitality business was the largest family-owned one in the Nordic countries in the beginning of 1970's. The legendary restaurants Adlon, Kaivohuone and Seurahuone in Helsinki and the traditional passenger boat J.L. Runeberg belonged to their enterprise. 

The Vuoristos bought Haikko Manor in Porvoo in 1965 and opened it as the first manor hotel in Finland next year. Satu designed and decorated each Manor Hotel room herself and purchased antique furnitures in various European countries.

Artikkeli Haikon kartanosta
Kellokabinetti Kartanossa
The Clock Room Ghost

Juha Mähönen, Managing Director, shares an unexplainable story with us: The Manor building was completely closed during the pandemic lockdown in the spring 2020. 

The Clock Room in the Manor has been named after a large wall clock in the room. Quite unexpectedly the clock fell down from the wall. It was broken into thousands of pieces and could not be repaired anymore. The reason for this could not be found. Maybe it the ghost who wanted to stop time here?

Albert Edelfelt's Studio

Albert Edelfelt bought the estate manager's old house in 1880 and he had a studio with a skylight build three ears laters. 

The most well-know paintings by Edelfelt are, for example, A Childs Funeral, Boys Playing on he Shore and Young Women holding a Parasol.


Albelt Edelfelt ateljee

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