Kuntosalilla Haikko

Gym and Condition tests

Boost your energy levels at Haikko Gym in Porvoo! Improve your fitness and wellbeing regardless of your age and present condition. Haikko Spa also offers various condition tests and Personal Trainer services. 



The Gym Opening Hours

MON-SUN 7-21 (Age limit 12 years)

Note! From SAT 7 to SUN 13 the Gym open only to hotel guests and monthly card/multi-ticket holders.

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Haikko Gym

Our top quality aerobic exercise equipment and modern condition equipment will ensure versatile training according to your developing skills and condition.

The Gym has a minimum age limit 12 years.

Hotel guests can use the Gym free of charge.



All Guests are Welcome to Haikko Gym!

Haikko Gym welcomes hotel guests and neighbourhood residents, regardless of your age and condition!

Haikko Gym a safe place for exercising. There is a large selection of versatile and easy to use aerobic exercise equipment, such as 2 treadmills, 3 exercise bikes, 1 indoor rower and 2 cross trainers. We have also one set of dumbbells with a bar.

Visit the Gym on weekdays to avoid peak hours. Combine the Gym with a visit to the saunas and pools. 

Free parking - Haikko has a large free parking area available also for gym visitors. 


Gym Prices (price/person) and Methods of Payments

In addition to cash, Hotel Haikko Manor accepts many payment cards and gym cards can also be paid by different sport payment solutions, view methods of payments.

Note!  Hotel guests can use the Gym free of charge.


  • Single ticket 13 € (not valid on Saturdays)
  • 10 visits multi-ticket 120 € (valid 1 year from the date of purchase)
  • Monthly card 1month 55 €, 3 months 150 €, 6 months 270 € (for personal use)
  •  Bring your own towel OR use Haikko's towel at an extra charge of 5 €/towel



  • Single ticket 28 € (not valid on Saturdays)
  • 10 visits multi-ticket  220 € (valid 1 year from the date of purchase)
  • Monthly card 1kk 150 €, 3kk 300 €, 6kk 490 € (for personal use)
  • Combination ticket/card includes access to the Gym, 1 visit to the Spa (1,5 h) and Haikko's towel for the day
  • Please note! Spa visit must be booked in advance.

Spa Visits

Please book your Spa visit online in advance. The visit duration is 1h 30 min /person. There is a limited amount of lockers and we also limit the amount of visitors at the same time. Please note that the Spa is available for hotel guest and Spa card holder only on Saturdays. 



Condition Tests and Personal Trainer at Haikko 

Condition tests provide you with information on your condition and instructions on how to improve your daily habits. Condition tests are also great programme options in improving your meeting or wellbeing at work -day. 



Haikko Gym offers many kinds of daily exercise possibilities. View Available Exercise Classes