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Programmes for Groups

Haikko has a wide range of leisure programs and activities suitable for your group. Try our sporty programmes or team building games, or choose something fun and easy to do together.

Fun Activities and Programmes for Groups at Haikko!

Take your team to Haikko to have an inspiring day! Time spent together strengthens your team spirits and creates good memories and experiences to help coping in everyday routines. 

Our group programmes take place in small groups, we maintain social distance and good hygiene. Haikko has also great possibilities for individual sports and exercising both outdoors and indoors.

We will also assist you in choosing a great programme and the best performers for your celebration

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Sports & Outdoor Activities

There a many great programme options to choose: guided nature activities in the Manor Park and nearby, such as Park Fit or Park Yoga or a coffee break in a "laavu" lean-to shelter.

Tastings & Cooking Classes

Appetizing choices for your leisure programmes: Wine Evenings, Wine tastings and Cooking classes!

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Games & Team Building

Playful games and team spirit enhancing activities for corporate and other groups. Book frisbeegolf or relaxed team games in the Manor Park (also  indoors, depending on the weather). 

Sea Adventures

Haikko has about 500 meter coastline. You can start your SUP boarding or canoe paddling tour from the beach or book a boat trip for your group. After an active day you can enjoy bathing in one of the lovely seaside saunas with your team.

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Tales & Moments of History

Interesting presentations of Haikko's history and artist Albert Edelfelt are available for groups. Edelfelt Studio and art exhibition at the Villa Albert are also open for individual visitors during the summer.

Wellbeing & Relaxation

Relaxation on beanbag chairs, sparkling or forest yoga - Haikko has many great programme options outdoors and indoors for body and mind wellbeing.

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Conditions Tests

Condition tests and inspiring lectures enhancing wellbeing, exercising and ability to cope. 

Wellness Lectures

Choose the most suitable lecture for your group! Popular themes of the lectures: exercising, wellbeing for sedentary workers and mindfullness.


Great Activities and many Options for your Group!

Group activities

Larger groups can be divided into smaller ones, and book suitable activities for each group. In addition to sporty exercises, your group might appreciate "Relaxation on the beanbag chairs", various massages or visit the saunas & pools.

Sparkling Yoga is a very popular programme for bachelor & bachelorette parties. 

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Individual sports and exercising both outdoors and indoors

Small groups can choose to sport on their own - give the participants the freedom to choose what they like. Would you like to go cycling, play frisbee golf or take part in an exercise class at the gym? Manor Park has one Padel outdoor play field and in summer for rent a fat bike, kayaks and SUP stand-up boards. Read more about the rental of equipments in advance.

Explore sports equipment rentals and Padel outdoor play field

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