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Saunas and Pools

Renewed saunas and pool area provides relaxation and luxury. Let the bubbles relax you, try the brisk freshness of the cold pool or the pleasant warmth of the Hot Tub. Drop into the gentle steam sauna or choose one of our saunas for your private use. Spa Pool area opening Hours

Pools, saunas, Gym and Spa Lounge are for adult use only during the evenings (age limit 12 years after 6 p.m.).

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Spa Treatments and Day Spa in Haikko

Enjoy our relaxing and beautifying spa treatments. Forget your everyday routines and let us pamper you. Feel the new energy and get a new twinkle into your eyes. Everything from rejuvenating facial treatments to relaxing baths for two is available in Haikko Manor luxurious spa in Finland.

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Super Cold -120°C

You have to try this freezing extreme experience! It refreshes, helps you to sleep well, releases stress, muscular pain and skin problems. Super Cold is an experience to remember!

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Conditions Tests

Do you know the true age of your body? Or how good is your muscle condition? Choose the most suitable condition test for you from our wide selection. You will always get personal guidance and feedback that motivates and supports your exercising in the future.

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Wellbeing at Work

We can help your working community to find keys to everyday fitness. Choose one of our Wellbeing at Work or Keep Fit at Work -programs; combine exercises with relaxation, information, action and even culinary experiences to the best suitable program for your group.

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