Haikon kylpylä

Haikko Spa

Haikko Spa relaxes both body and mind. Forget your everyday life and relax safely in the bubbles and pools, saunas and showers. Pools, saunas and Spa Lounge are for adult use only during the evenings, age limit 12 years after 18. You can buy refreshments from Spa Lounge and Haikko Bistro.


Wellbeing and recreational weekend programs are available on regular basis at Haikko. Check out Haikko's Event Calendar when planning your holiday. 



The Spa Opening Hours (Age limit 12 years after 18)

MON-THU 15-21 | FRI-SAT 9-23 | SUN 9-20 (spa bookings in advance)
TUE-THU 7-10 Morning swim for hotel guests (no pre-bookings), traditional Finnish saunas are in use (separately for ladies and gentlemen).

Note! From SAT 9 to SUN 13 the Spa open only to hotel guests and monthly card/multi-ticket holders.

Exceptional times: open 30.4. 12-21, 1.5. 9-20 and 9.5. 9-20


Haikko Bistro & Cafe Opening Hours (kitchen open)
Spa Lounge

MON-TO 15-21 (15-20) | FRI-SAT 12-22 (14-21) | SUN 15-21 (15-20)