Anti-age clinic prices 1.1. - 31.12.2017

Haikko Anti-age Clinic provides efficient treatments for customers avoiding surgical procedures. Today, more matured men and women are embracing the treatment for a better look and feel.

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Anti-age Price List (pdf)

10% DISCOUNT on treatment prices from Monday to Thursday at 8-14!
These discounts cannot be combined with any other offers pr discounts.

NEW TREATMENTS AT HAIKKO – beauty without surgery
Internationally recognized Anti-Age Treatments are developed in Finland and now available at Haikko Spa!

Anti-Age Treatment Consultation (30 min) 50 €
The consultation charge will be compensated in the booked Anti-Age treatment.

– a naturally lifting and firming treatment
The treatment prevents and repairs changes caused by ageing. The firming Hifu-treatment technology is based on ultra sound energy. The treatment accelerates the skin collagen production and firms the tissues. It suits well for lifting cheek, chin and forehead areas. One treatment only can provide efficient results that will be gradually visible within a few weeks time, as the new collagen production starts. Collagen lifts and firms the treated skin area and the results look natural. The treatment effect continues for months after the actual treatment. The results are individual and the treatment is recommended for ages 40-60. Maintenance treatment is recommended in 1-2 years intervals. No recovery time is required. The treatment duration varies from approximitely 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the treated area.

Facial and neck area 1800 € / 1980 €
Facial area 1400 € / 1540 €
Neck and chin 700 € / 770 €
Cheeks 600 € / 660 €
Décolleté 600 € / 660 €
Forehead 500 € / 550 €
Under the chin 400 € / 440 €
Around the eyes 400 € / 440 €
Around the mouth 400 € / 440 €

HIFU-ULTRA SOUND BODY TREATMENT firms your skin efficiently
Suits well for treating saggy arms, thighs and buttocks and firming the skin after pregnancy. Best results will be achieved by serial treatments in 2-4 weeks intervals. The treatment times may vary according to starting-point and home care activities (exercises and diet), and accoding to the set targets. A series of 3-6 treatments is common. Best results are shown in ages 30 – 60 years, however,  the results vary individually. Treatment duration is 45 minutes.

Arms 250 € / 275 €
Abdomen 250 € / 275 €
Front thighs  250 € / 275 €
Back thighs 250 € / 275 €
Buttocks 250 € / 275 €
3 treatments 650 € / 715 €
6 treatments 1200 € / 1320 €  
Cryolipo is a safe and painless treatment to contour problematic areas of the body, to reduce cellulite and destroy fat cells. The treatment is particulaly suitable for addominal, back and side areas. The treatment can be focused on areas that cannot be treated by exercising. The treatment is based on fat cell freezing procedure called cryolipolysis. Fat cells are exposed to extremely low temperature that will cristalyze and destroy them, and they will finally be dissolved naturally through metabolism. This procedure will continue for several weeks after the treatment. Final results will be visible in about two months time.
One handle  395 € / 435 €
Two handles 495 € / 545 €
Three handles  595 € / 655 €
Four handles 695 € / 765 €

The given treatment durations include the time needed for changing before and after the treatment. Please arrive well before your reserved treatment time. In case of late arrival, your treatment time may be reduced accordingly.
Please inform us in advance of any diseases, allergies, medications, pregnancy etc. that should be taken into account. According to common practice, we are not responsible for any possible allergic reactions or irritation caused by the products used in treatments. Treatments are available from Monday to Saturday. Treatments on Sundays and on public holidays are available for hotel guests only and must be requested in advance. Fri-Sun prices are applied on public holidays. All prices include VAT and are subject to change at any time. Cancelation without charge must be made latest 2 days before the booked treatment time, otherwise 50% of the booked treatment will be charged.

The treatments are to be paid at the Spa Booking desk, all major credit cards are welcome. The treatments can also be paid by Haikko Credit.