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Haikko, Finland has a wide range of leisure programs and activities suitable for your conference or meeting schedule, for your wellbeing at work day or for your recreation day.

Be inspired by the historic Manor House, enjoy the pampering spa treatments, sporty activities at the Haikko Arena or lovely cruises in the fantastic archipelago.

Our sporty and teambuilding programs bring joy and strengthens your team spirit.

The relaxing spa treatments provides you with extra energy and strength. Try also our extreme experience: Super Cold -120° -treatment

Sea adventures, cocktail courses, cooking classes and other experiences

You can also pamper your taste buds and have a little luxury to your day. Our Sommelier's Wine Tasting includes a basic presentation of six different wines and their characteristics. Taste, discuss and compare – learn more on how to combine food and wines.

You definitely want to enjoy the fresh sea breeze in the summer. Haikko Manor is located by the sea and taking a cruise to the fantastic Finnish archipelago is very easy, thanks to Haikko's own private ship and boat wharf.

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Try also a Finnish Sauna and our jacuzzi by the sea!



More informatian and reservations

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