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Haikko, Finland has a wide range of leisure programs and activities suitable for your conference or meeting schedule, for your wellbeing at work day or for your recreation day.

Our sporty group programs bring joy and strengthens your team spirit. The relaxing spa treatments provides you with extra energy and strength. Try also our extreme experience: Super Cold -120° -treatment

Exercises & Relaxation for Groups 2020

IN THE MEETING PREMISES Duration Price/person
Energy boost-  in the middle of your meeting 10 min 5 €
Shoulder & neck massage– an individual massage break during your meeting 10 min/person 10 €
IN THE GYM Duration Price/person
Kettlebell workout (max 24 pers.) 45 min 15 €
Active, total body and muscle workout for men and women.    
Haikko Balance (max 30 pers.) 45 min 15 €
Body and mind cooperation by slow and controlled movements.
Includes influences from pilates and yoga. Final relaxation. 
Relaxation in the beanbag chair (max 37 pers.) 45 min 15 €
Slow down for a while. Our instructor will lead you to the world of relaxation. The level and deepness of the relaxation is determined by you.     
Haikko "Körlinki" (min 6 players, max 20 players) 45 min 15 €
Almost like Curling  but still not quite like it...!     
Yoga (max 30 pers.) 60 min 20 €
Haikko Olympic games (max 40 hlöä) 60 min 33 €
Park Fit (May - September) 45 min 15 €
This versatile and effective lesson is suitable for all ages and conditions. It consists of warm-up, muscle condition workout and final stretching.    
Mallet  ”Sähly” (May - September, min 6 players, max 20 players) 45 min 15 €
Fun team game outdoors – played with a soft mallet and a soft ball.     
Haikko ”Körlinki” (May - September, min 6 players, max 20 players) 45 min 15 €
Almost like Curling, but still not quite like it! Precision and team spirit needed!      
Frisbeegolf (max 40 pers.) 75 min 17 €
Easy and fun team game on a  9-hole course.     
Haikko forest relaxation (May - September, max 25 pers.) 60 min 20 €
A quiet stay in the woods will relax your body and soul. The program includes walking, streching and easy opening movements of the body. Suitable for everybody.     
Park Yoga (May - September, max 25 pers., 60 min 20 €
Nordic walking (max 35 pers.) 60 min 17 €
Haikko Games (max 80 pers.) 60 min 33 €
Relaxed and fun teambuilding games, includes 3-5 activities depending on your group size.     
ParkGolf (max 20 pers.) 75 min 20 €
Football Golf (max 20 pers.) 75 min 20 €
Snoe shoe tour in a forest ( 1,5-2 h from 52 €
Brisk guided tour in the nearby forest.     
Gentry´s garden game ( 1,5-2 h 57 €
Relaxed activities and nostalgic team competitions outdoors. You will need humour, accuracy and good problem solving skills and, of course, good team spirits.     
Canoe paddling tour (May - September, 2 h from 77 €
Our experienced guides will teach you to paddle. The canoes are steady and stabe indian kayaks. Previous canoeing experiece is not required.     
Haikko's or partner company's instructor is always included in the programs. Minimum charge according to 10 persons unless otherwise stated. Please ask  for a separate offer for larger groups. The prices are valid Monday-Saturday excluding national holidays. The prices include VAT. We reserve the right to changes.Please remember to wear clothing according to the prevalent weather conditions!    



More informatian and reservations

Contact Haikko's sales office or tel.+358-19-576 0360