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Saunas & Wellness Pools

Opening Hours

HOTEL GUESTS: Mon-Thu 9-21 | Fri 9-22 | Sat 9-22 | Sun 9-20 (duration of spa visit 1 h 30 min / person) ​

SPA GUESTS:  Mon-Thu 9-21 | Fri 9-15 | Sun 12-2
Mon-Fri 9-15 only the pools and saunas near the shower rooms are in use (and four saunas near the pool area incl. steam room are closed). 

Please note the pool maintenance at the Spa Sun 13 December at 12 noon - Fri 18 December 20 at 12 noon. Spa saunas and pool area disabled - as replacement following saunas are in use for hotel guests: Tupasauna 1 (N) + Tupasauna 2 (M) Sun 13.12. - to 17.12. 4 pm-7pm (jazzucci is unfortunately not in use)


The safety of spa guests is very important to us! The duration of the spa visit and the number of clients are limited in order to comply with the regulations and safety intervals of the authorities.

Check out our new guidelines:

  • The price includes one 1 h 30 min spa visit / person.
  • Make an appointment for a spa visit at the spa hotel reception.
  • Change a bathrobe already in the hotel room, bring a towel and your own swimsuit.
  • Wash thoroughly before going to pools and saunas.
  • Please note the spa's hot tub stays and sufficient distance to other guests.
  • You can go directly to the spa and you will find a key in the locker. 
  • Please arrive to the spa only completely healthy.

Price / person

Hotel guests: Use of the pool department and gym are included in the room rates.

The prices for customers who don't accommodate at Haikko hotel:
Incl. use of Spa pools and saunas, a bathrobe, slippers and a towel. Prices are valid until 31.12.2020.

Spa & Gym (price / person)

  • Mon-Fri before 3 p.m. 15 €/adult, 10 €/child 4-12 years
  • Mon-Fri after 3 p.m. and Sat-Sun 30 €, 15 €/child 4-12 years
  • Children under 4 years 0 €
  • Groups min. 6 persons: Mon-Fri 25 €, Sat-Sun 35 €

Wellness Pools in Hotel Haikko Manor

  • The main pool, length 12 m, water temperature 30°C, with massaging jets, showers and “a bubble bench” for six persons.
  • Jacuzzi for 8 persons with water temperature 33°C, relaxation under a “starry sky”.
  • Hot tub for 4 persons with water temperature 38°C, a Japanese way of enjoying a bath.
  • Cold well for one, water temperature 10°C. Really refreshing! 

Spa Saunas

Finnish saunas for ladies and for gentlemen, dressing rooms. Next to the pool area 3 different unisex saunas: steam bath, infrared sauna and aroma sauna

Private Saunas by the sea

Four private saunas with lounges and fireplaces are available by request. Suitable for unformal meetings and occasions for 10-30 guests. Evening meals and snacks also available. A outdoor bath tub on the terrace of Tupasaunas. See the virtual tour


Hotel Haikko Manor Spa is only 10 minutes drive away from Porvoo, Finland.

Pamper yourself in Haikko Spa Finland and enjoy the sophisticated Wellness pools and saunas.