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Super Cold Treatment

Feel the big chill at Haikko Manor!

How does -120 degress Centigrade feel like? Come and try this extreme experience!

Cold treatment has long history and it has been used for centuries to release pain. Cold treatment is still used to ease swelling and pain. It has originally been used for pain relief and treatment rheumatic diseases.

Cold treatment is now also widely used for sleeping disorders, stress symptoms and skin diseases like psoriasis. People who have tried cold treatment report that it made them feel energetic. Super cold treatment is safe and suits most people. During the treatment you wear bathing suit, headgear to protect your ears, mittens, socks and felt footwear.

The treatment time in the -120°C temperature is 1—3 minutes depending on the treatment target. Haikko's professional staff will supervise your cold treatment in Cryo-cabin. 

Super Cold is a refreshing experience, it helps you to sleep better and it releases various pains, stress and skin problems. This is an experience to remember! Super Cold is a great break for your meeting or recreation day at Haikko.

Prices for groups and private times for individuals 2021:

SuperCold Private Mon-Fri /person Sat-Sun /person
1-2 persons 40 € 45 €
3-8 persons 35 € 40 €
9-16 persons 30 € 35 €
17 or more 25 € 30 €



By phone Mon-Fri Michael Sundström 0405851675
By email: