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Environmental Program of Haikko Manor

Awareness of the environmental factors is an important part of our daily operations

Hotel Haikko Manor is located in a beautiful scenery in the middle of the Itä-Uusimaa province. By our operations we aim to preserve the Finnish privilege to clean and green nature for the coming generations.

Would you like to travel more environmentally friendly? Choose Green Key awarded accommodation!

Haikko Manor has a high emphasis on sustainability and has been awarded with a Green Key certificate. Green Key award is the leading standard of excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry. By choosing a Green Key awarded accomodation you make sure your stay is environmentally friendly.

Energy consumption

Energy consumption is one of the service industry's environmental burdens. We can protect the environment and save money by cutting our energy cosumption. We have decreased our energy consumption by systematic efforts. We analyze and adjust our heating system regularly. Our water usage is controlled daily to find out any potential leakages.

We are pioneers in utilizing sea water thermal energy. Over 60% of our heating energy is derived from the sea and 35% of our heating energy is created by using non-polluting natural gas. Oil heating may be used only in the coldest time of winter. We only use locally produced, environment friendly electricity.

Air Conditioning

The operating times and efficiency of our air conditioning system are adjusted very precisely according to the CO/2 contents in a specific room. Air conditioning systems are equipped with heat recovery systems.


Energy saving, long lasting light bulbs are used everywhere, except in some historic premises of the Manor House. We kindly ask our guests also turn off any unnecessary lighting whenever possible.


Water consumption is minimized by using every saving sanitary and bathroom furniture. Natural well water is used for irrigation in the park area.

Waste management

Our main target is to minimize our wastage. Waste management, classifying and sorting as well as recycling has been a part of our normal practice for several years now. We sort and recycle for example: paper, hazardous wastes (oil, batteries, neon lamps, chemically processed wood etc.), glass and bottles, cardboard, metal and biological wastes.


A special emphasis is put on various product's environmental impacts during their life cycle. A lot of products are recycled. We try to avoid disposable products and packages whenever possible.

Cleaning and housekeeping

We use environmental friendly cleaners and detergents that are perferably water-soluble and biodegradable