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Coverage and special conditions

These terms apply to all Vuoristo-yhtiöt Oy’s / Hotel Haikko Manor & Spa’s (hereinafter called Haikko) services. These terms are applied to reservations made by companies, associations etc. and to reservations made by private persons for 9 persons or more. Reservation and cancelation terms for groups also apply to quota reservations made by individual persons, unless other specific contract has been made.

Haikko has the right to apply special conditions differing from the conditions stated here, in case of a large group reservation, large number of overnight stays, special events or public holidays, seasonal changes or due to supplementary accommodation services. When using a subcontractor, their terms and condition are to be applied.

Reservation Details

In case the reservation contains various number of persons and overnight stays, the terms are applied according to the largest number.


Number of persons / overnight stays

Confirmation of the number of persons or overnight stays

Food and beverages, name list of the participants, room division, schedule, etc. requests

Last minute changes to the confirmed bookings

(will be regarded in invoicing)

Less than 80

14 day s prior to the event

14 days prior to the event

-10 % 2 weekdays prior to the event

80– 119

1 month prior to the event

14 days prior to the event


-10 % 2 weekdays prior to the event

120 or more


2 months prior to the event

14 days prior to the event

- 20 % 1-2 months prior to the event (2 months prior to the confirmed event)


- 10 % less than 1 month but latest 2 weekdays prior to the confirmed event
(calculated from the number confirmed 1 month prior to the event)


Haikko reserves the right to change the above terms case by case.


Last minute changes

It is possible to reduce the number of overnight stays, services and number of persons of the previously mentioned group bookings after the confirmation deadlines according to the above mentioned percentages. Haikko will regard the changes when invoicing, provided that the changes have been informed to the Haikko Sales Office within the previously mentioned time.

In case the final, actual number is larger than the confirmed one, the final, actual number will be charged.

Reservation of the premises is valid for the confirmed number of persons. Haikko has the right to choose the premises best suited for each group. In case the number of persons becomes substantially smaller than informed, Haikko has the right to change the premises to suit for the smaller group or charge an extra fee and renegotiate the details and costs of the event.


A quota of rooms can be reserved for a group (a certain number of rooms for a group), and the hotel will inform the release date for each quota. On the release date the rooms will become available for the general public. Reservations can be made at the rate of the date or at a corporate rate according to availability. General reservation and cancelation terms for the group are applied to the room reservations from the quota, unless some other special reservation terms are contracted.

Food and Beverages

Hotel Haikko Manor has the sole right to serve food and beverages in events at Haikko. Haikko holds a sole licence for serving alcohol in all of the indoor and outdoor premises. Consuming any own alcoholic drinks in our premises is forbidden under the licensing laws of Finland.

Terms and Methods of Payment

The reserved services confirmed according to the above-mentioned terms are the basis for our invoicing. The products and services include the valid Finnish value added tax. We reserve the right to change the rates.

Group reservations will be charged by one invoice per group. In case participants will pay themselves the room or other Haikko’s services, the payment has to be made on site by a bank card, credit card or by cash.

Unless otherwise agreed, the guest will pay on site by a bank card, credit card or by cash. In case of the payment on site, the guest will inform the hotel in advance the credit card number and the of validity to guarantee the reservation. In case the reservation value exceeds 3000 €, Haikko will charge about 90 % of the estimated total value 14 days in advance. The remaining sum will be paid on site.

If the company has a valid invoicing contract with Haikko, the customer can also be invoiced afterwards. Invoicing fee accorging to the contract will be added. Haikko may also make a partial or total advance invoice for the reservation.

Transfer of Reservation

Reservation cannot be transferred to a third party without Haikko’s written consent.

Terms of Cancelation (entire event)

Customer has the right to cancel the entire reservation prior to the event according to the following terms:

Number of persons/ Overnight stays

Charge 0 %

Charge 50 %

Charge 100 %

Less than 20

Cancelation latest 14 days prior to the beginning of the event

Cancelation 7 - 13 days prior to the beginning of the event

Cancelation in less than 7 days prior to the beginning of the event

20 – 79

Cancelation latest 30 days prior to the beginning of the event

Cancelation 14 - 29 vrk

prior to the beginning of the event

Cancelation in less than 14 days prior to the beginning of the event

80 or more


Cancelation latest 3 months prior to the beginning of the event

Cancelation latest 1 – 3 months prior to the beginning of the event

Cancelation in less than 30 days prior to the beginning of the event

Haikko has the right to change the cancelation terms case by case.

In case the reservation includes various overnight stays and number of persons, the largest number of both will be applied. For example:
You book a meeting for 30 persons for 3 days and 30 hotel rooms for 3 nights.
-> There will be 30 participants and totally 90 overnight stays and thus the cancelation policy for 80 or more will be applied.

Cancelation policy for the entire group will be applied to individual room reservations from a quota unless other special policy has been agreed.

Changes in special cases and force majeure
Haikko has the right to end or cancel an event any time in case the event disturbs Haikko’s other functions or it endangers Haikko’s reputation or security. Haikko has the right to cancel or change reservations in case of a strike, lockout, fire, or other significant restrictions in services or supplies and other circumstances beyond Haikko’s control. Any damages caused by them will not be compensated by Haikko.

The customer can change or cancel the reservation in case of force majeur, such as a natural disaster, war, general strike. Please note, an ordinary strike is not considered as force majeure. In case the cancelation is made too late and it is not caused by force majeure, Haikko has the right to charge for the agreed.



Cancellation of the event, deviating from the normal booking and cancellation conditions, is possible if due to the coronavirus, the authorities prohibits the organization of mass events in the premises and area of ​​Hotel Haikko Manor and Spa.

In these situations, the primary goal is to reschedule the event.

In cases where a reservation is made with a customer after 1.5.2020 and the risk of a coronavirus pandemic is recognized and the epidemic or pandemic is not specifically mentioned as such, the coronavirus is not considered a force majeure unless the authorities have specifically declared a ban on meeting in hotels and restaurants in Porvoo  (recommendation or guidance of the authorities is not a sufficient basis for the application of the force majeure rule).

In cases where the contract with the customer includes a list of specific events and circumstances and the list mentions an epidemic or pandemic as such a circumstance, the coronavirus can be considered a force majeure obstacle.

If an individual participating the event falls ill or has coronavirus symptoms, he or she may be subject to force majeure and deviate from the normal cancellation conditions during a corona pandemic.

When the force majeure condition cannot be used, we will follow the normal cancellation condition.