Haikko Bistron annos

Haikko Bistro & Cafe in Spa Hotel

Haikko Bistro & Cafe in the Spa Hotel is a casual meeting point and a relaxed choice for lunch, dinner or snacks. Choose your favourite dinner on the menu or have a nice snack and cafe delicacies. 

Enjoy a Salad or Bistro´s own Spa Burger

Haikko Bistro & Cafe  is a casual restaurant and cafe the Spa Hotel. There is a choice of uncomplicated, tasty dishes and snacks designed for your spa holiday, recreation day and meetings. 

Try a cappuccino together with some home baked, mouth-watering cheese cake! Bistro has also a good selection of drinks and wines. No table reservations needed.

Bistro menu


Haikko Bistro & Cafe Opening Hours (kitchen open)
Spa Lounge

MON-TO 15-21 (15-20) | FRI-SAT 12-22 (14-21) | SUN 15-21 (15-20)