Buffet menus for banquets and festivities 2020

Delicious buffet menus from family occasions to the grand corporate banquets and cocktail parties.

COCKTAIL BITES 4,00 € / piece (minimum for 20 persons)
- Small finger bites, minimum 3 pieces/person:
Crayfish & herb aioli
Sugar salted whitefish and whitefish roe
Cold smoked reindeer and cranberry
Brie cheese and raspberries
Vegetable terrine of the season
(minimum for 20 persons and dining room is available for 3 hours)
Carelian pastry with smoked reindeer
Canapé with slightly salted salmon
Season's vegetable pie
Short bread, 2 sorts
Layer cake, coffee, tea
BUFFET 64€ / person,  32€ / children 4-12 years
(minimum for 30 persons)
STARTERS, choose 4:
Shrimps Skagen
Herring and Baltic herring assortment, dill potatoes
Herring caviar
Salmon pastrami and citrus vinaigrette
Smoked white fish, eggs, red onion and apple
Smoked pork and BBQ sauce
Roast beef with rowanberry vegetable gelee
Pickled mushrooms
Thyme marinated vegetables
Roasted beetroot with goat cheese and aragula
SALADS, choose 3:
Green salad and:
Crayfish and avocado salad
Caesar salad with chicken
Cold smoked reindeer salad with Lapland cheese and cranberries
Salad with Malmgård emmer wheat, pumpkin and cauliflower
Potato salad with spring onion
Tomato and mozzarella cheese salad
Bread and local butter
WARM COURSE, choose 1:
(If you want to have 2 main courses, we charge extra 6€ / person)
1.Flamed salmon with mushroom sauce
2. Smoked fillet of beef á la Haikko with herb butter sauce
3. Roasted breast of spring chicken with dark basil sauce
The best potatoes and vegetables of the season
DESSERT, choose 1:
1. Layer cake, coffee/tea/juice (see alternatives in our cake list)
2. Manor chocolate cake with fruits/berries. Fruits, sweets and chocolates are also available.
3. Pie of the season and vanilla mousse. Fruits, sweets and chocolates are also available.
4. Berry pannacotta. Fruits, sweets and chocolates are also available.

+ Coffee or tea for dessert number 2,3 and 4    5,50€ /person

NIGHT SNACKS 8 - 12€ / person
Please note that snacks are available only for parties with 30 guests or more and who have dined in Haikko. 
1. Hot dog with long sausage, cucumber relish, roast onion, mustard and ketchup. 8€
2. Game sausages, meat balls, nachos, tomato salsa and bread. 10€
3. Potato and game casserole, green salad and bread. 12€
4. Pita bread fillet with grilled falafel with yoghurt sauce 10 €
All bookings in advance. We reserve the right to seasonal alterations.
We use low-lactose ingredients whenever it is possible. Extra charge for other dietary requests.
VAT is included in the prices.

Hotel Haikko Manor, e-mail myynti@haikko.fi, tel. 0600 151 31