Lunch of the Day 21.1.-16.6.2019

Our tasty lunch meals are mainly served in the historic Manor House restaurants.

You may also want to choose one of our fantastic festive menus for your group or a la carte -menu or have a casual evening with buffet dinner. For private and corporate occasions charming Villa by the sea, see more Villa Haikko.


Lunch of the Day

Mon-Fri 11:30 and 13:00, Sat 13:00
Price 27 € /person + beverages and coffee
-  For meeting guests min. 6 people: price 26 € /person incl. Haikko-water and coffee

The lunch is buffet or table served depending on the amount of lunch customers. Book your table n advance.


We use low-lactose ingredients whenever it is possible. Extra charge for other dietary requests.We reserve the right to changes.