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The safety and hygienic practices in the kitchen and serving situations are of particular importance to us and that is why we have updated our operating methods and customer instructions to a new level. 


We have also increased cleaning and disinfection, e.g. disinfectant wiping of contact surfaces has been intensified especially in door handles, toilets, serving counters and the kitchen. At the customer service points, we offer customers handbags, disposable handkerchiefs and disposable hand towels in toilets.

It is important to us that hotel guests can enjoy breakfast with confidence. From 22.6. we serve again breakfast from buffet.  On the terrace of the manor and on the terrace of Villa Haikko, the tables are placed spacely. You can also request a private cabinet for your party. During a good weather, we are also happy to serve both dinner and banquets on the terrace. Of course, you can also enjoy only drinks on the terrace, which you can pick up yourself, taking into account the safe distance. Also on the terrace we ask you to avoid unnecessary movement, observe good hand hygiene and sit only with your own party.   

Under the new legislation, alcohol will only be served until 01 am and restaurant facilities will be closed at 02 am. This also applies to private parties, e.g. wedding.  


  • Before arriving at the restaurant, wash your hands thoroughly with soap in the nearest toilet or hotel room and dry them with paper.
  • Upon arrival in the restaurant hall, hand disinfectants are always available that we hope guests will use. 
  • When booking, please specify the size of your party and the table preferences..
  • Please respect adequate safety distances to other customers and staff. 
  • Avoid unnecessary movement in the restaurant hall.
  • You should preferably familiarize yourself with the menu on your own smart device, but if necessary, you will receive a disposable menu from the waiter.
  • We primarily recommend that you pay for the room bill or pay by card.
  • We hope you arrive at the restaurant completely healthy (not even allergy symptoms).
  • If necessary, cough or sneeze into a clean handkerchief, please.


We have already been waiting for you and want to offer you a luxurious restaurant experience, so welcome to enjoy!