Haikon kylpylä

Spa pools and saunas

Haikko Spa's saunas and pools provide relaxation and luxury for adult taste. Age limit 12 years after 18:00. Kindly book your spa visit in advance.

The Spa Opening Hours (Age limit 12 years after 18)

MON-WED 15-21 | THU 13-21 | FRI 9-22 | SAT 9-24 | SUN 9-20
4.7.-7.8. MON 12-22 | TUE-THU 8-22 | FRI-SAT 8-24 | SUN 8-22

From 8.8. MON-WED 15-21 | THU 15-21, from 1.9. 12-21 | FRI 9-22 | SAT 8-24 | SUN 8-20

Note! From SAT 8 to SUN 14 (in summer 4.7.-7.8. from FRI 8 to SUN 14) the Spa open only to hotel guests and monthly card/multi-ticket holders.

Pariskunta Haikon kylpylässä
The Main Pool

Pool length is 12 metres and water temperature +29 °C. There are massaging jets, showers and a "bubble bench" for six persons on the side of the pool. Beautiful infinity view to the sea.


Wellness Showers

Wellness showers by the pool will refresh and surprise with rain, light and sound effects. 

Elämyssuihkut Haikon kylpylässä
Haikon lämminvesiallas
Hot Tub

Hot Tub is designed for four persons. Water temperature is +38 °C. Recommended time for this relaxing hot bath is max. 15 minutes.

Cold Well

Water temperature is +12°C. After feeling is extremely refreshing!



Kylmäkaivo Haikossa
Poreallas Haikon kylpylässä
Bubble Pool

Bubble Pool takes 6 persons at a time. Water temperature is +33°C. See the "starry night" lights in the evening time.

Selection of Saunas

Enjoy the selection of different saunas:
Steam sauna +42°C, aroma sauna +65°C, infrared sauna +50°C and the traditional Finnish saunas +90°C separately for ladies and gentlemen, next to the showers.

Infrasauna Haikossa

Spa Prices 2022

Hotel Guests: spa visit is included in the room price

Spa visit and use of gym is free for hotel guests. Room prices include one spa visit per person per night and free use of the gym. Please change into your bathrobe and take the towel in your room with you. You should bring your own swim suit. 

Age limit minimum 12 years after 18:00 in the evenings.

Day Visitors (non-residents)

Spa Day visitor price includes one visit to the saunas and pools (1,5 h) and a towel for the day.

  • Adult single visit 20 €
  • Children single visit 15 € /child 4-12 years, children under 4 years free (note: minimum age 12 years after 18:00)
  • Please note single visit tickets are not valid on Saturdays (all day) and Sundays (at 9:00-14:00)
  • Combination tickets (incl. spa+gym) are also available.



Spa Bookings

We want to ensure a pleasant and safe spa experience. Access times to the saunas and pools are staggered and you need book your visit in advance. Kindly make sure you book your Spa visit prior to your arrival.



Haikko Spa Etiquette

  • The price includes one visit (1,5 h) per person and night to the saunas and pools and a towel for the day.
  • Please book your spa visit well in advance prior to your arrival. Note! Age limit is minimum 12 years after 18:00 in the evenings.
  • Please only visit us if you are completely healthy.
  • Wearing mask is not obligatory in the public hotel premises, spa and gym.
  • Please change into your bathrobe and take the towel in your room with you. You should bring your own swim suit. 
  • You will access the spa with your room key card (day visitors will receive key card in the reception).
  • Please wash properly before going to the pools and saunas.
  • Please note the stay recommendations - let other visitors also have a chance to enjoy each tub.
  • Be prepared to wait a while to get to the pools, saunas and showers during the peak hours.
  • Kindly remember to leave the locker key on the locker door for the next visitor.