Frisbeegolf Haikossa

Sports Equipment Rental

Have a great activity day playing fun outdoor games in the lovely seaside park at Haikko. Or rent a bicycle and take a tour to the idyllic old Porvoo.

Haikko Sports Equipment Rentals in 2023


Multigolf / Frisbeegolf

Haikko Manor Park has a 9-hole multigolf course. Multigolf is  a fun game that anyone can play. There are 1-3 sports of multigolf: soccer golf, park golf and/or frisbeegolf.

Small groups can play with all three game equipment and nine fairways are to be played by each equipment. One equipment per group will be selected for larger groups (please have a look at Group Programmes).

 Game fees are to be paid and equipment can be rent in the Spa Hotel Reception.

Game fees and equipment rentals, price incl. scorecard
  • Single charge 5 €/person incl. max. 3 game rounds
  • Serial card 45 €/10 games
  • Seasonal card 50 €/card (seasonal card is for personal use only)
  • Game equipment rentals: Golf club + tennis ball 5 €, soccer ball 5 €, frisbee 5 €, rental equipment must be returned to the Spa Hotel Reception.
  • Guided Multigolf rounds can also be booked for groups, please ask for an offer

By paying the game fee, you may also play with your own game equipment.


Padel outdoor court

There is one Padel outdoor court in the park. Payment and rental by Playtonic (mobile application).

More information here



Rental and return in the Spa Hotel Reception.

10 € / ½ day
15 € / all day


Electric Fatbikes, Kayaks and Boat safaris

Elämyspoukamas equipments rental is only 10 minute drive from Haikko. Rent equipments in advance. Reservations and more information via Elämyspoukama tel. +358 (0)40 734 037


Other Equipment and Instructors

Rental and return in the Spa Hotel Reception.

  • Nordic walking sticks 5 € /2 h
  • "mölkky" throwing game, badminton, basketball, volleyball 5 € /each game equipment.

If you wish to have Haikko's instructor to supervise your game, please ask for an offer in the Sales Office.


Kokonniemi Sports Center and rentals

Kokonniemi is located about 4km from Haikko and offers various outdoor fun.

IN SUMMER Kokonniemi Adventure Park offers plenty of challenges for adventurers of all levels with courses built in trees that lift visitors up to 12 meters into the air.
Kokonniemi bike park (downhill cycling) offers high-quality, safe and well-maintained routes for beginners and experienced riders. There are fun and challenging rides for everyone in the forests between the slopes. The tracks are marked by difficulty, starting with blue and ending with black. You can easily get to know the sport with the help of the rental service of high-quality downhill bikes and equipment.
You can find more information about Kokonniemi's summer activities here.

WINTER ski and downhill equipment available for rent at the Kokonniemi Sports Center in Porvoo, which is surrounded by good, illuminated ski tracks and downhill slopes.
Winter activities more information here.

In a snowy winter, you can use a sled to slide down the Haikko Manor hill. Sleds can be borrowed free of charge for hotel guests.