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The historic Manor House in Porvoo has two elegant, large dining rooms and several charming smaller rooms. The relaxed atmosphere in the Kartanon Kellari & Pub and the Spa Bistro and Spa Lounge suits well for more casual events.

Manor Restaurant open

Food orders by 21.30. Make always table reservations in advance. Alcohol is served until 22.

MON-FRI 17-23 a la carte  |  SAT 13-23 a la carte |  SUN 12.30-15.30 brunch (21.2. also 16-22)

MON-WED closed | THU-FRI 17-23 a la carte  |  SAT 13-23 a la carte |  SUN 12.30-15.30 brunch

THU 1.4.  17-23 a la carte | FRI-SAT 2-3.4.  13-23  a la carte | SUN 4.4. 12.30-15.30 brunch | MON 5.4. closed

Manor a la carte
The Breakfast

Read our new restaurant guidelines before your visit.

MANOR Table reservations

Hotel breakfast

More information about breakfast times and restaurants here


22. - 28.2.  MON-THU 12-21 | FRI-SAT 12-22  | SUN 14-20
1. - 31.3.  MON-WED 14-21 | THU closed (except 4.3. open 14-21) | FRI 14-22 | SAT 12-22  | SUN 14-20
1.4. THU closed | 2.-3.4. FRI-SAT 12-22 | 4.-5.4. SUN-MON 14-20

Food orders no later than 1 hour before closing time.  No table reservations in advance.

Spa Bistro menu

* Exception times in summer and on public holidays.


BAR & PUB open

Bollinger Bar (in Manor House)

Note! Alcohol is served until 22.
22.2.-7.3. MON-SAT 9-23 | SUN 9-15
8.-31.3. MON-WED closed | THU 15-23 | FRI-SAT 9-23 | SUN 9-15
1.4. THU 15-23 | 2-3.4. FRI-SAT 9-23 | 4.4. SUN 9-15 | 5.4. MON 9-14

Lobby Bar (in the Spa hotel)

 MON-SUN 09-23 (alcohol is served until 822)

Spa Lounge (near Spa area)

Same opening hours than in Spa Bistro, see above.

Manor Cellar (Kartanon Kellari) & Pub (in the basement of Manor House)

closed (open only for privat occations)


Our kitchen serves imperial elegance and nostalgic culinary experiences adjusted to please today's demands. We also pamper our corporate guests with delicious conference meals.

Manor À la Carte

Antique furniture, lovely details and historic ambiance of the Russian imperial era. Haikko provides culinary experiences in a classic manor house style. We serve you delicacies based on the very best of the seasonal ingredients. Pleasant service and fantastic wine selection complete your culinary experience.
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Haikko's wine selection is one of the best ones in Finland. Our wine team selects the best ones from our wine cellar and chooses the most suitable ones for each menu. We are pleased to assist you in all of your wine choices.
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The Yellow Room and the Manor Terrace 

The genuine paintings by Albert Edelfelt together with antique furniture create a refined ambience. This is a lovely setting for
wedding ceremonies and christenings. The Terrace next to the Yellow Room offers a fantastic sea view over the beautiful park. Haikko Manor in Finland is perfect place for weddings. Contact us and we arrange your unforgettable weddings in the beautiful nature. We also offer outside wedding venues.