Haikon kylpylä

Book a Spa visit

Haikko Spa's saunas, pools and wellness showers create indulging moments and relaxation in the middle of your busy everyday life. Please note, for the time being you must make an advance booking to the saunas and pools.

The Spa Opening Hours (Age limit 12 years after 18)

MON-THU 15-21 | FRI-SAT 9-23 | SUN 9-20
Note! From SAT 9 to SUN 13 the Spa open only to hotel guests and monthly card/multi-ticket holders.

Exceptional times:
2.4. 12:00 - 6.4. 15:00 Spa pools and saunas are closed because of maintenance
9-10.4. open 9-21

The duration of the Spa visit is 1,5 h / person. The room price include one Spa visit (1,5 h) per person per night.

Book your Spa Visit in advance

The room price include one Spa visit (1,5 h) per person per night. We want to ensure a pleasant and safe spa experience and therefore visiting times have been staggered. There are a limited amount of lockers available, so please book your visit  well in advance. Prebooking ensures your preferred visiting time to the Spa.


Haikko Spa Etiquette

  • Please book your spa visit well in advance prior to your arrival. Note! Age limit is minimum 12 years after 18:00 in the evenings.
  • Please only visit us if you are completely healthy.
  • Wearing mask is not obligatory in the public hotel premises, spa and gym.
  • Please change into your bathrobe and take the towel in your room with you. You should bring your own swim suit. 
  • You will access the spa with your room key card (day visitors will receive key card in the reception).
  • Please wash properly before going to the pools and saunas.
  • Please note the stay recommendations - let other visitors also have a chance to enjoy each tub.
  • Also note that wearing a swimsuit is obligatory in the unisex saunas. 
  • Be prepared to wait a while to get to the pools, saunas and showers during the peak hours.
  • Kindly remember to leave the locker key on the locker door for the next visitor.


We reserve the right to change the opening hours and visiting conditions

We follow the Covid-19 restrictions and recommendations of the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland regarding our opening hours and maximum amount of persons in our premises. Therefore, Haikko may not be able to offer Spa services included in the room rates due to excessive demand or potential lockdown of the Spa.