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Breakfast buffet in Manor

The Manor breakfast buffet is included in the room prices. We also recommend to order Manor breakfast for your arrival date. Read more.


We pamper our corporate guests with delicious lunch menus


Our Manor kitchen serves imperial elegance and nostalgic culinary experiences adjusted to please today's demands. Dinner menus are 3-6 course menus tableserved in the historical Manor restaurant. Read more.

Festive buffet

Festive buffet menus for banquets and festive corporate events. Read more.


Haikko's wine selection is one of the best ones in Finland. Our wine team selects the best ones from our wine cellar and chooses the most suitable ones for each menu. We are pleased to assist you in all of your wine choices.
Read more

Table reservations

Please book your table for lunches and dinners in the manor restaurant in advance.


Spa Bistro

The Spa Bistro offers healthy and casual food, recommended especially for recreational groups. Come and enjoy a light soup and try the healthy salad buffet for lunch.  See more

Evening snacks

Have a nice cosy evening with your group in the private sauna lounge by the sea and enjoy the beautiful seaview and supper buffet.